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The Franconia Museum is deeply saddened by the death of Joe Alexander, a Founding Friend, supporter and volunteer at the Museum in the government center on Franconia Road. He died at his home on Craft Road on Sunday, August 30, after returning there from a long stay in the hospital. Joe was the Lee District member of the Board of Supervisors for 31 years and is responsible for most of the modern facilities we enjoy today. Yet, he never forgot about the past and always worked to make things better, not just change for change sake. It's hard to imagine that when he became Supervisor that most of Franconia depended on well water and septic fields, the roads were narrow and it was a long way to the bank and a major grocery store. Now, we depend without a second thought on the excellent services he created. Joe was a Franconia Boy through and through, and we are all the better for it, even if you never knew him.

Condolences to Joe's wife, Davie, and his daughters Cathi and Cheri and Cheri's daughter, Stephanie. They lit up his life!

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